‘Hearthstone’ Giving Free Packs to Thousands and 3000 Packs to One Lucky Player

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Hearthstone‘s (Free) Year of the Mammoth is slowly drawing to a close, and Blizzard has decided to celebrate by giving thousands of players free packs, which for most of us is the best way to celebrate any occasion. Those players who haven’t put any money in the game will be very happy to hear that Hearthstone will be giving away free packs in what is called the Quest for Packs sweepstakes. And the best thing is you barely have to do anything to take part in the sweepstakes, although it’s not completely effortless either. In addition to the free packs, those who don’t mind spending money can get their hands on a pretty cool pack deal as well.

Starting 9 AM PST on February 1st (which is tomorrow) and up until 9 PM PST on February 14, each daily Quest you complete will grant you one entry for a chance to win tons of free packs. So, you should try and complete your 14 Quests during these next two weeks so that you have a better chance of getting your hands on those free packs. And what rewards are we talking about? The Grand Prize comes with 3000 packs, 1000 packs from each expansion released during the Year of the Mammoth.

In other words, one lucky winner will get 1000 Un’Goro packs, 1000 Frozen Throne packs, and 1000 Kobolds & Catacombs packs. Imagine how long it’s going to take you to open all those free packs. In addition to all those packs, the grand prize winner will get the Lich King Helm worn in all the internship videos as well as a Hearthstone apparel gift pack. In other words, the grand prize winner will get a ton of Hearthstone stuff and will surely be the envy of many.

In addition to the Grand Prize, the sweepstakes will also give away a ton of free packs to thousands more. 1000 players will receive the Mammoth Card Bundle, which comes with 10 packs from each expansion released during the Year of the Mammoth. That’s 30 free packs. And, finally, 50,000 players will receive the Mammoth Pack, which comes with 3 card packs, one from each expansion. Thousands of free packs waiting for you, but you do have to participate and try and get your name in the bag as many times as possible. Who knows, you might even be the grand prize winner.

If you still want to grab some packs from the Year of the Mammoth but don’t mind paying for them, you can buy the Mammoth Card Bundle with its 30 packs for $19.99. You can only buy one per account, though. This is a pretty cool sweepstakes and a nice way to say goodbye to the Year of the Mammoth. There’s nothing better than free packs, although I’m sure many of you will want to get their hands on that Lich King Helm. Not every country in the world is eligible for the contest, so make sure you check out the list here so you aren’t wasting your time. To everyone else, I wish good luck and happy packs.

It’s funny how fast time flies; we are almost at the end of the Year of the Mammoth and are ready to welcome the next set rotation and the next round of content. I have no idea yet where the developers are planning on taking us, but I do like how they’ve decided to release the new cards, especially with how every expansion included single-player content. I’m hoping we see some kind of monthly content, though, even if it’s literally just a pack of new cards. I know that it might be a pain to balance, but a more regular influx of cards would go a long way toward keeping the meta fresh. Any ideas/hopes for the next round of content?

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