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‘Shinobi’-Inspired First-Person Ninja Star Thrower ‘Ninja Attack!’ Coming February 8th, Pre-Order Available Now

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Last month I told you the tale of my strange love of arcade game attract screens while also simultaneously telling you about Frost Pop Corps’ upcoming game Ninja Attack! What is Ninja Attack!? Well, it’s a throwing star game inspired by the bonus level in the old arcade classic Shinobi and has you furiously tossing ninja stars, and eventually other odd items like bullets and paper money (make it rain!), from a first-person perspective in an effort to nail all sorts of crazy enemies who are coming at you from all directions. Frosty Pop describes Ninja Attack! as “If Hunter S. Thompson was head of the art department at the Sega Corporation Ltd. in the early 80s, what would the bonus round in Shinobi look like?" Here’s that trippy trailer again in case you missed it before.

As you can see Ninja Attack! has a very stylized look and in addition to unlocking new things to throw at enemies you’ll also be able to unlock various color themes, more than 30 of them in fact. In addition to that, the game will have an augmented reality mode so you can throw ninja stars at weird enemies in the real life locations of your choosing. Anyway, all this is to say that Ninja Attack! finally has a set release date, and it’ll be coming on February 8th. However, the game is also up for pre-order as of right now so if you’re on iOS 11 then click this link on your device and you’ll be taken to the App Store where you can pre-order the game and it’ll automatically download to your device upon its official release. It’s like magic, I tells ya. If pre-ordering isn’t your thing then look for Ninja Attack! in the App Store on February 8th.

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