Easily Get Free ‘Hearthstone’ Packs by Choosing DocPwn as Your HCT World Champion

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If you haven’t noticed, Blizzard is absolutely killing it in the esports world. The Overwatch League kicked off this week, and the Hearthstone (Free) Championship Tour takes place next week in Amsterdam. Sixteen players will be competing for fame, fortune, and most importantly, to win you free packs of cards. Whenever there’s a big tournament like this, Blizzard runs a promotion where you can “choose your champion." Once you’ve got your champion locked in, you earn free Hearthstone packs based on their performance in the tournament.

You can see all the participants right here, but I’ll make it real easy for you: Choose DocPwn. He beat Pavel in the HCT Winter Championship, but I love DocPwn’s story in that he isn’t a hardcore esports dude who streams 24/7 – He’s just a normal guy who happens to be really really good at Hearthstone. During the day, he works for the city of Montreal and drives around the city making sure all the city-sponsored sports and leisure actives are operating as they should be. I’d love to see him win again.

Choose DocPwn as your champion by clicking here, logging in with your ID, and the rest is pretty self explanatory. Of course, you don’t have to choose DocPwn, as really any of the contenders are equally qualified to win. This tournament really feels like it could be anyone’s game, which is what makes it so exciting. The HCT Championships start on January 18th ad 8:30 AM CET and will be streamed live on Twitch.

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