Cinematic Adventure ‘Life is Strange’ Has a New Lite Version to Try Before You Buy

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Developer Dontnod’s critically-acclaimed interactive narrative adventure Life is Strange (Free) made a semi-surprise appearance on the App Store on Wednesday. I say semi-surprise because the game’s iOS version was outed by way of Apple’s new pre-order system that was rolled out this past Monday, but prior to that, I don’t think we had any idea this one was destined for mobile. I’m glad it made its way over though, as Life is Strange is the type of experience that should translate really well to mobile. That said, while we loved the game in our review, there are a few control niggles and some performance issues due to the demanding nature of the game, so potential players may be curious to know how well the game runs on their device before plunking down the cash. Well, good news for them as today Life is Strange Lite (Free) has launched on the App Store.

The lite version of Life is Strange allows you to play through the beginning part of the first episode of the game, right up to where main protagonist Max discovers her ability to rewind time. It’s not a terribly long experience, but it should be enough to let you know how the game works controls- and performance-wise, and give you an idea of the game’s main mechanics to see if they’re to your liking. Strangely, this lite version does not allow you to upgrade to the full game or purchase any of the further episodes from within the app, so if you do end up liking what you play you’ll have to download the paid version but thankfully your progress will carry over if you have iCloud enabled. Not a huge deal, just kind of weird. So if you’ve had interest in Life is Strange but haven’t quite decided to pull the trigger yet, give the free lite version a spin.

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