‘Lineage 2: Revolution’ Gets Fortress Siege and Open Siege PVP Modes, Three New Servers in New Update

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Lineage 2: Revolution (Free) is a huge game with a huge player base, and now that huge player base is about to go to war (well, even more war). The game’s first major update will add the Fortress Siege and Open Siege modes, which will let you slaughter each other at greater numbers than before. Fortress Siege—held every Friday from 20:00-21:00 PST—will have players enter a real-time, massive PvP battle between two clans. The Fortress Siege can host up to 50 players per clan, and the first to “imprint" on their opponents’ Holy Artifact wins. In order to participate, clans have to first successfully bid on a desired fortress and then enter the battle against the clan defending that fortress. Bidding is held from 0:00-19:00 PST every Thursday, the day before the Fortress Siege. As you’d expect, winning gets you great rewards but even losing gets you Adena, EXP, and Proof of Blood.

The second addition in this update is the Open Siege, held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 20:30- 21:00 PST. Players above level 11 can participate in this 30v30 battles and get a taste of what Fortress Sieges an offer. All participants will have equal combat power and level but are given the choice of any class and race. You can play on your own or with a party of five. In celebration of the Open Siege update, we’re getting five Open Sieges in the first week, starting with Wednesday, December 13th, and then the next Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Finally, the update will add new three servers in North America and Europe in an effort to ease up the current server traffic. Enjoy the huge new Sieges, and make sure to check our detailed review for more on Lineage 2: Revolution.

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