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‘Climby Hammer’ Puts a Multiplayer Spin on the ‘Getting Over It’ Formula

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Getting Over It ($4.99) (and Sexy Hiking before it) are making climbing with a hammer sexy and popular, so I was expecting to see more games in that genre. It didn’t take long as Naquatic announced on our forums today that it’s developing Climby Hammer, a take on the climbing formula that will remind you a lot (and I do mean a lot) of Getting Over It but does add some extra ideas. The first difference is the ability to build and share courses, which opens up the game to all kinds of crazy design ideas. The game also lets you customize your character’s face, which will probably lead to a few monstrosities.

Finally, the game also adds a multiplayer competitive streak to the formula by having you join a clan and take on other clans. Climby Hammer definitely won’t have the faux-philosophical take that Getting Over It has, but that’s probably a good thing for many of you. The game is out on Android already and should be coming soon to iOS, so if you want another game in the Getting Over It formula, check out Climby Hammer in our forums.

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