Clash Royal Crown Championship World Finals Highlights Video Shows the Greatest Moments of the Event

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We’ve been all over covering Supercell’s latest Clash Royale (Free) esports event, and for good reason. The Clash Royal Crown Championship World Finals, the final culmination of nearly 28 million players competing in the game was absolutely amazing. I posted an article describing what it was like to be at the event, as well as a ton of photos. Today we’ve got a highlight reel of some of the best moments from the event on video, take a look:

It shows the levitating crown, the players, the incredible arena, and a bunch of quick glimpses of just how super rad the 3D projection on the floor was. Of course it ends with sergioramos:) wearing the crown and walking away with his novelty sized check for $150,000. I’m still working on a bunch of other content surrounding the finals, including but not limited to, interviews with the parents of some of these very young pro players.

The competitive scene surrounding Clash Royale is wild, and something I really don’t think that many people who play the game are aware of. To many, it’s just a fun way to waste some time, but for the players in this video, Clash Royale has quite literally changed their lives. Say what you will about mobile esports, but that fact alone is awesome.

If you want to watch the whole event on Twitch, it’s available as a VOD in two parts: Part 1 and Part 2.

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