‘Summoners War’ and ‘The Walking Dead’ Creator to Make Comic Books and Animation Based on the Hit Game

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The popular RPG Summoners War (Free) is expanding across mediums, and it’s working with Skybound Entertainment to do so. As announced during the World Arena Championship, Summoners War will work with Skybound Entertainment, the creator of The Walking Dead comics, to turn the popular franchise into comics, animated series, and more. Skybound is planning on giving us both a “deep and engaging" origin story of the game’s universe and various characters but also content that will act as companion pieces to the actual game. Robert Kirkman, the creator of The Walking Dead, said that the Summoners War team has created a compelling world filled with storytelling opportunities, and he and the rest of Skybound are excited to turn that universe into multiple forms of content.

I always like to see mobile gaming franchises expand into different mediums, so I’m curious to see how the Summoners War comics and animated shows turn out. The team behind them is definitely top notch, so it should be good. If you’re a Summoners War fan, are you excited about this news, and would you read and watch Summoners War comics and animation?

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