‘Pokemon GO’ Global Catch Challenge Hits 500 Million, Bronze Rewards Unlocked

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Yesterday we wrote about Pokemon GO‘s (Free) Global Catch Challenge, which asked players to catch as many Pokemon as they can in one week and offered rewards according to how many were caught. Well, in barely a day, trainers across the world have captured over 500 million Pokemon, which unlocks the Bronze Rewards tier for everyone. The biggest reward is that now more Pokemon will appear globally, which will give players an easy way to complete their collection or just have more fun hunting down those poor critters. Given the current pace, I expect that players will reach the ultimate goal of capturing 3 billion Pokemon until November 26th; after all, I’m pretty sure Niantic picked a number that was sure to be surpassed.

The Global Catch Challenge is accompanied by the video series Pokemon GO Travel, which has 3 popular personalities travel to Japan to host the Challenge. How have you been performing in the Global Catch Challenge? Have you done your fair share of hunting and have added enough Pokemon to the global total? Remember that you only have until November 26th, and there are some great rewards waiting if everyone tops 3 billion Pokemon.

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