‘Injustice 2’ Gets ‘Justice League’ Batman and Aquaman, and ‘Justice League’ Gear

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Injustice 2 (Free) players shouldn’t be surprised to find out that today’s 1.8 update has added all kinds of Justice League-related events and items, but that doesn’t mean the additions aren’t cool. The new update has added Justice League Batman, Justice League Aquaman, and Justice League Cyborg. And, of course, Mythic Wonder Woman is already in the game, ready to join the rest of the League. If you want to get your hands on these heroes, you can grab Aquaman and Batman through Arena Event rewards, which include a special Justice League Chest that should help you get those heroes a bit more easily.

The way you get Justice League Cyborg is slightly different than the rest. Cyborg takes over a slot of your opponent’s team in Arena battles, and when you win the Arena battle, you receive Justice League Cyborg shards in addition to what you would normally get. If you don’t care much about grinding and have money to spare, you can get all three Justice League characters and Mythic Wonder Woman in the store. And starting today, you can also get gear featured in the movie. The 1.8 update and Injustice 2 Justice League events are live, so go grab those heroes.

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