The ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Headless Horseman Rides’ Tavern Brawl Is Live

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It’s almost Halloween time, and Blizzard is bringing us a pretty fun Hearthstone (Free) Tavern Brawl to celebrate Hallow’s End. Headless Horseman Rides has you picking the best “costume" and going to war against a boss in a match that will remind you of solo adventures. Once the round starts, you get to pick one of three costumes: Witch, Pirate, and Cat, each of which completely switches your hand and deck and gives you a passive power. The Witch costume gives you a taunt- and spell-themed deck with a passive hero power that allows you to pay double to mana for a spell and cast a second copy, provided you have enough mana. The Pirate costume gives you a pirate-themed deck with a passive hero power that makes all minions count as Pirates, which allows for plenty of synergy.

The third and final costume is the Cat one, which gives you a beast-themed deck and a hero power that casts a 1/1 Cat whenever a non-Boss enemy survives damage. When you manage to hit the Horseman with lethal damage, he becomes Immune at 1 HP and summons his 2/35 Head to the field. This Head cannot be targeted by spells. Overall, this is a pretty fun Brawl, and the fact that you can pick one of three ways to play it makes it more than just one and done. Enjoy Hallow’s end.

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