Italian Road Trip Game ‘Wheels of Aurelia’ Out Now

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If you’re in the mood for a drive down the Italian coast of the 1970s, you should check out the just-released Wheels of Aurelia ($3.99), the interactive Italian road trip game that we talked about earlier this week. In Wheels of Aurelia you play as Lella and set off on a road trip that will let you enjoy the sights and sounds of what was a challenging time in Italy’s history while at the same time uncovering Lella’s own secrets. This interactive visual novel lets you explore the branching story by driving down picturesque streets instead of choosing a different option from a menu, and I think that’s a smart way of turning what would normally be a bland UI into part of the story. The game offers 16 different endings for you to explore, which should make for plenty of replayability.

What I especially like about Wheels of Aurelia is its uncommon theme; it’s not often you get to play in Italy of the 70s. The game tries to challenge the stereotypes usually associated with that part of the world, and the fact that the developers lived through that era in Italy helps make the game a more “authentic" representation. Wheels of Aurelia comes with lovely art, an original Italian soundtrack, and an in-game “Wheelspedia" to help players with all the unknown cultural and political references. If you were looking for something different to play on your phone, Wheels of Aurelia is a great candidate.

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