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Charming Head-Smasher ‘Pukk’ Is Coming Next Month

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Pukk is a game about literally losing your head…and then being a head that slides around and smashes things. It’s silly and charming in that way. According to the developers in our Upcoming Games forum thread, Pukk is a Nordic treasure hunter, a head that glides around the polar ice smashing ice blocks and all kinds of containers as it tries and grab as much treasure as it can. And, as you can imagine, you use that treasure to buy even cooler helmets for that poor head of yours and then proceed to go on smashing some more. As you can see from the trailer, you will bang (head-banging, get it?) that head from wall to wall, which is bound to give you a huge headache.

And you can’t just bang your head with impunity; there’s a cute polar bear that would just love to give that head of yours a huge, loving hug until your eyes pop out. So, you’ll have to both grab all those treasures and avoid that bear, just like when you try to avoid those avalanches in Ski Safari. Pukk is very charming and should be quite fun to play. The game will release next month, and you can read more about it in our forum thread.

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