‘Hearthstone’ Fixing Card Interactions, Clarifying Triggers

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Hearthstone (Free) is famous for having some crazy card interactions, but it’s also infamous for having some of those interactions resolve in unpredictable ways, which often messes with player decisions and frustrates players (and might even affect the outcomes of matches). Players have been calling for these interaction issues to be fixed, and it looks like the developers are finally starting to remedy those issues. In a video today, Josh Durica, Hearthstone Gameplay Engineer, talked about some improvements coming to the game. The first rule change is in order for “after" triggers to activate, the card needs to be present for the original action. So, when a Wild Pyromancer is summoned by a spell, it won’t trigger because it wasn’t present at the beginning of the action.

There’s another rule change affects triggers again but this time in relation to the zones where triggers can happen. Before this, triggers happened in order: first the Battlefield, then the Hand, and then the Deck. So, now the game will look at all the zones at the same time and then trigger, but it will only trigger according to how the zones were before all the triggering starts happening. I know, it’s a bit confusing, but the video above clarifies it pretty well (around minute 4). These changes will be coming soon and should make the game more predictable. Predictability is much-needed in any card game because it can help players better plan plays without frustration. If you want to learn more about these changes as well as the technical side of the game, read this blog post.

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