‘Minecraft’ Realms Day of Play Lets You Play With Streamers Today

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If you like visiting other players’ Minecraft ($6.99) Realms and you also like to see yourself on streams, you should check out today’s “Realms Day of Play," organized by Mojang to celebrate the new features in the Better Together update. As you probably know if you play Minecraft, you can now visit someone’s Realm just by accepting an invite link. So, today, you can head over to Mixer, Microsoft’s streaming service, hit an invite link, and join one of the many streamers participating in Realms Day of Play. All you have to do is search for “Minecraft Realms Day of Play" and head over to those channels to join up. You can even open your own Realm for visits (by putting “Minecraft Realms Day of Play" in the title and the Invite Link in the stream description), although make sure to first download a copy of your Realm to prevent trolling. Head over here for more details on that.

There are quite a few streamers taking part in this celebration—ImpulseSV, Direwolf20, BlackieChan, and even the Official Minecraft Community Realm—so you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a Realm to join if you’re up for that. I think this is a cool idea that helps the game’s community play together while, of course, also advertising the game’s features. And in case you were wondering about that 6-chunk bug, the next patch should fix it. Head over here to join Minecraft‘s Realms Day of Play.

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