‘Clash Royale’ Touchdown Tips and Tricks (Hog Rider Wins)

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Clash Royale‘s (Free)Touchdown, the recently added new mode, is really fun to play and offers a very different tactical challenge than the normal mode. If you’ve been having trouble figuring out how best to play it and how to get those Crowns, read on for some very useful tips from the Clash Royale Arena website. First, let’s clarify those rules. In this mode you have to get troops into the opponent’s endzone. Each time one troop gets into the endzone, you get a crown, and whoever gets to 3 crowns first wins. The first 2 minutes of the match are x1 Elixir and the rest x2 Elixir. And some cards cannot be placed past the middle of the field because they would pretty much break the game.

Overall, in Touchdown spawners and buildings are pretty powerful both because they provide a constant stream of problems for your opponent and because they can keep enemy troops from getting into your endzone. Spells, on the other side, aren’t that useful because you don’t usually have time to remove troops that way, and it’s preferable to be getting bodies on the ground. With that in mind, when you head into the draft, you should generally pick one building, with Mortar and X-Bow being quite powerful and ones like Furnace and the various Huts following suit.

When it comes to spells, go with the kind that can take out a lot of massed troops at the same time, since players tend to bunch up troops and send them downfield. Avoid spells like Clone or Heal because they won’t do much in such a short and frantic mode. And no more than one spell—every card counts in Touchdown. When you start picking troops, make sure you have cards that can do damage both air and ground, but keep in mind that cards that work well against single targets won’t do that much good because players tend to try and swarm the field.

What to pick? Hog Rider should be your first choice (it’s so OP, it’s been the source of all kinds of memes). Battle Ram and Princess are very strong too, as is the Lava Hound, Wizard, Executioner, Balloon, and in general any unit that either takes a lot to contain or can take on many units at the same time. Head over here for more details on which cards to pick, and let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions.

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