‘Power Hover: Cruise’ Getting Three New Characters and New Level in Update this Thursday

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Just over a month ago, developer Oddrok released Power Hover: Cruise (Free), a more arcadey, endless high-scoring version of their highly underrated level-based 2015 game Power Hover ($3.99). Upon launch Power Hover: Cruise offered up four different environments to play through, each with their own unique hazards and features, as well as an extensive cast of playable characters to unlock. Today in our forums, Oddrok has detailed the first big content update for Power Hover: Cruise, which will include three new playable characters and a new environment.

The new characters are: BatBot, a bat-like flying robot; Helibot, a helicopter and also apparently a hint towards Oddrok’s next game(!); and Spacebot, a “Cool Astronaut, with quick manouvers and lots of hitpoints!" The new environment is called Metro and is a foggy level featuring spinning discs of death and deadly moving spikes. You can see all of this in action in the following new trailer.

In case it wasn’t apparent, I’m a massive fan of the original Power Hover. Oddrok uses a really interesting set of physics for their hoverboarding, which can be much trickier to come to grips with compared to similar games but once you do it makes for an incredibly engaging and skill-based experience. Power Hover: Cruise takes all that and puts it into a breezier arcade experience that works great in quick bursts on mobile.

Both games are highly recommended but if you haven’t tried out either then starting with Power Hover: Cruise is probably the way to go as it’s free. Like I said, the physics are quite different so give it a fair shake at first. If you enjoy the feel of the game, then the original level-based Power Hover should be your next stop. Look for this new content to hit Power Hover: Cruise as a free update this Thursday.

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