‘Hearthstone’ Choose Your Champion Is Back, ‘Peek to the Past’ Brawl Out Too

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Hearthstone (Free) players, it’s time to get your hands on free packs. Unless, of course, you have something against free things. The 2017 Hearthstone Championship Tour‘s last Championship is almost here, and, as is always the case now, it comes with a brand new “Choose Your Champion" contest. In Choose Your Champion, you pick one of the finalists as your champion, and for each round they win, you get a free pack. Pick wisely, though, because there’s no changing Champions; once you pick one, you’re stuck for the whole tournament. This year’s champions include players like Orange, Purple, Pavel, SHRoyalBaiZe, OmegaZero, and more. You have until October 11th to pick your champion, so don’t take too long.

In addition to giving us the Choose Your Champion contest, Blizzard gave us another Tavern Brawl, a repeat of A Peek to the Past. This brawl has you building decks with only Classic and Basic cards and no Epics or Legendaries, which should make for some interesting decks. Last time we had this Brawl, players found it a bit on the boring side, but we’ll see what people think now. Head over here for some good decks for this Brawl.

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