Tired of Mining Alone in ‘Pocket Mine 3’? Trade Friend Codes in Our Forums

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Pocket Mine 3 (Free) from Roofdog Games is the best Pocket Mine yet. The franchise has done really well for them with Pocket Mine (Free) and Pocket Mine 2 (Free) crossing 9 million downloads when Pocket Mine 3 released. There’s a lot to like and appreciate when it comes to QOL changes and general polish here. There are a lot of games on the App Store that allow for sharing friend codes and the likes to get more social and we have a dedicated section in our forum just for that. Check it out here. Watch the trailer showcasing how much better this game is compared to the previous entries below:

If you’ve been digging and need a friend, look no further because we’ve got a forum thread where friend codes are being shared. You can view the game forum thread for general discussions on Pocket Mine 3 here and check out the friend code sharing thread here.

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