‘FIFA 18 Companion’ Will Help You Manage Your Ultimate Team

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With EA’s FIFA 18 now out for PC and consoles, many amateur soccer players and managers are getting back into kicking the ball around and buying packs to build their Ultimate Team. If you are one of many who own the game (I’m one of them, too), don’t forget to grab the FIFA 18 Companion (Free) app to make your life much easier and to manage your squad on the go. The Companion app allows you to manage all aspects of your club—players, managers, consumables—while you’re on the bus or waiting at the bank (to get more money so you can buy more packs). You can also keep a closer eye on the transfer market so you can pick up that great attacker you’ve been eyeing for a while. And, of course, you can buy more stuff on the go, especially special offers or lightning rounds.


The Companion app also offers some new Daily and Weekly challenges you can actually complete on the go, which will definitely help you grab more packs and cards. You can also share your team and brag about how great (and expensive) it is. There are many other benefits of having the Companion app, and since it’s free, it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

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