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‘Simulacra’, a Phone-Based Mystery Thriller Game From the Makers of ‘Sara Is Missing’, Is Looking for Beta Testers

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The ‘lost phone’ format for text adventures is currently in vogue on the App Store, and I’m not entirely sure whether I like it or not. Don’t get me wrong, the genre utilises the features of a smartphone to feel truly alive, and games like A Normal Lost Phone ($1.99) and its recent sequel Laura’s Story ($1.99) have made fantastic efforts to include an immersive and important degree of social awareness in their narrative. That being said, such titles normally feel a bit voyeuristic and uncomfortable for me personally, but maybe that’s why they’re so engrossing. Simulacra is another game in a similar mould, and will mark developer Kaigan Games’ next App Store release after their well-received title Sara is Missing (Free). Featuring some realistic acting and typically believable takes on various smartphone apps, Simulacra will be another enthralling mystery thriller when it soft launches on the App Store on October 23rd.

Despite not being particularly revolutionary for its genre – how far can text based adventures really innovate anyway? – Simulacra will live and die by its story, and I’m certainly interested in what the developer has previewed thus far. Having to trawl through Jabbr (Twitter), Spark (Tinder), and other social media apps belonging to the recently disappeared Anna, you’re tasked with piecing together her final moments amidst mysterious texts from friends, acquaintances and lovers on her phone. The full motion videos remind me of the excellent Her Story ($3.99), and with a strong track record I have no reason to doubt that Simulacra will be another exciting thriller to grace the App Store. If you’re interested in signing up for the game’s beta, or just want to learn more about the title before its imminent launch, head to our Simulacra forum thread.

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