‘Pathfinder Adventures’ Price Changes Coming, New Side Quest Added

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Pathfinder Adventures (Free) continues to expand, with the latest update bringing additional content to the game. And while mobile players will surely enjoy the new content, what they will be most interested in is the upcoming price changes announced today. Specifically, the developers said the price adjustments are a result of listening to player feedback and looking at what is bought and what is not bought. Additionally, they wanted to make sure new content and older content follows the same pricing guidelines. For instance, they felt that it didn’t make sense for a bundle to cost more than purchasing the bundle contents separately.

Chests should be easier to get now with in-game gold, and most of what was only purchasable with real money has been made cheaper or bundled up. If you already own content that will see a price change, you will continue to own it. As you can see in the price change breakdown here, the biggest changes are some bundles now going for $4.99 instead of $29.99.

In addition to these price changes, the new update has added a side quest campaign called A Fighter’s Tale: Valeros, which includes 5 new scenarios, 1 new character, 26 new cards, 5 villains, 4 Henchmen, 1 Monster, 4 new locations, and much more. Tontelizi the Gnome Fighter sounds like a fun one. And, as is always the case, the update brought many fixes to the game, which you can see here. What do you think about the game’s price changes?

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