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Gorgeous Roguelike Deck Builder ‘Meteorfall’ Looking for Testers in Our Forums

The upcoming roguelike deck builder Meteorfall probably has the best art I’ve seen in a long time, and, as a bonus, it also seems to be great fun to play. And now, you can help the developers improve it by applying to become a beta tester in our forums. Meteorfall, in case you haven’t read our earlier story or visited our forum thread, is a card game where you pick a character—each with their own basic deck—and then visit different locations to take out all kinds of monsters. Killing monsters earns you new cards, which you, of course, use to customize your deck with an eye towards card synergies.

The developers inspirations include games like Dream Quest and Card Crawl/Card Thief, all of which are fantastic and bode well for Meteorfall. And the art is fanastic, with an Adventure Time feel while still retaining its own personality. The game will be premium and will come out before the end of the year. If you want to help its development, head over here and apply for the beta. And even if you aren’t interested in beta testing the game, you should still head over to our forum thread to see some more samples of the game’s great art.