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‘Middle-earth: Shadow of War’ Shows Off Nemesis System in Latest Trailer

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War, the mobile take on the highly anticipated PC and console game with the same name, continues its development while in soft-launch, and today we got to see a trailer that shows off its Nemesis system, the gameplay twist that made the PC version of the game stand out. The Nemesis system gives the game more personality by powering enemies and allies. The way it works is that once you encounter orcs in the game, you can either try and destroy them or, if you can, enlist them in your army. Each of these nemesis has its own skills and, therefore, requires different tactics.

The Nemesis system as it was implemented in the PC version made Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor stand out because of how it gave the game more of a personality; instead of fighting against nameless, faceless orcs, you had to take on these singular characters. We’ll have to see how well the Nemesis system ends up working in the mobile version of the game, but if they do nail it, it will definitely make the game much better. Middle-earth: Shadow of War is still in soft launch, and you can head over to our forum thread to chat with others about the game.