‘Hearthstone’ Team Plans Tournament Changes, Latest Brawl Is Live

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If you’ve been watching Hearthstone‘s (Free) esport tournaments, then you’ll know that its latest big tournament had some big issues, including a laptop that froze and forced a rematch that probably caused pro player Luker to lose a series that looked his for the taking. These issues once more brought to the surface discussions around Hearthstone getting its own Tournament mode and the ability to save mid-play so issues like the ones mentioned above can be avoided. Blizzard responded to these issues by explaining how the playoff venues experienced multiple DDoS attacks but also admitted that equipment malfunctions disrupted the tournament. It went on to say that they are working on improvements for the next Championship Tour season, including reevaluating equipment requirements and venue capabilities. No word on a Tournament mode coming our way, though.

In happier news, we have another Brawl to play, The Great Stone of Challenge. This repeat Brawl came out of the Challengestone tournament back in 2016, and it asks you to build a deck that contains even-cost spells and odd-attack minions. It’s a fun deck-building challenge that should make it trickier to create super-powerful decks with no effort. Check out these decks if you need help building decks for this brawl. The Brawl is live, and feel free to talk about decklists in the comments below.

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