Telltale’s ‘Minecraft Story Mode’ Ep. 3 Launches Sept. 19th, Trailer Shows Off Hard Times

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Telltale continues to spout out episodes for its many series, and soon it will be time for another Minecraft Story Mode Season 2 (Free) episode to drop on our devices. Episode 3 of Telltale’s take on Minecraft is coming out September 19th, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun one judging from the trailer. Spoilers from here on, so proceed with caution. Episode 2 ended not with glory, despite Jesse and the gang succeeding in taking down the Ice Tower clock, but rather in literal hard times, with Jesse and the rest getting “transported" to what looks like a maximum security prison. It seems like the Admin wants to continue playing with Jesse and the gang like a scientist does with rats in a complex and confusing maze.

As you can see from the trailer, you’ll get the chance to either work with the prison authorities or organize a great escape, with both options looking like entertaining narrative ideas. The second episode of the series was quite an improvement from the relatively weak premiere, and I’m hoping the improvement continues. Not too long to wait now, with Episode 3 dropping on (hopefully) all devices September 19th.

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