Square Enix’s ‘King’s Knight’ Hits the App Store

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We got a quick look at Square Enix’s King’s Knight (Free) back at PAX, and we were pleasantly surprised by what a cool game concept it was. Basically, imagine something that resembles a dungeon crawler hack and slash sort of thing combined with a vertical shooter. It’s controlled using a virtual d-pad of sorts, which we didn’t initially figure out in our first PAX playthrough.

Here’s Jared bumbling around in the game for the first time on the PAX show floor:

The game is free with IAP, and I’m anxious to get into the real game (instead of the PAX demo) to see what those IAP’s are and how much (or how little) the various freemium shenanigans come into play. This will be one of the first games I stream on Twitch today, so be sure to follow us over there if you’re curious about it.


    --------------------------------------------- Service for “KING’S KNIGHT” has ended as of June 26, 2018(Japan Time…
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