‘King Rabbit’ Receives 64 New Levels in Diamond Collection DLC, Free for Owners of Previous 3 Expansions

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The good folks at RareSloth have once again released an update for their fantastic puzzle platformer King Rabbit (Free). This latest update is called the Diamond Collection and features 64 of the very best community created levels released in an official package complete with new leaderboards and achievements. The Diamond Collection follows the precious gem naming convention of the previous three expansions – the Emerald Collection, the Ruby Collection, and the Sapphire Collection. Each of those expansions were released for $1.99 apiece, and as a special bonus if you’ve previously bought all three of them then you’ll receive the new Diamond Collection for free. Whee!

For a little backstory, King Rabbit originally launched in March of last year and is the sequel to Furdemption (Free), one of our favorite games of 2015. It improved on the original in a number of ways but mostly just offered us much more of a great thing, and we loved King Rabbit in our original review. HOWEVER, things really picked up this past January when a level editor was released for the game and over time a dedicated audience of fans have created countless new levels for King Rabbit. The best of the bunch have been featured in these past four precious gem expansions. It seems like the sky is the limit for King Rabbit, but lo and behold RareSloth is also working on King Rabbit 2 which looks to take the level creation and community aspect of King Rabbit to the next level. For now though I sure do love getting all these new levels in King Rabbit so be sure to give the new Diamond Collection a spin.

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