‘The Walking Dead: March to War’ Is Out Worldwide – Go Take on Negan

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After quite some time in soft launch, The Walking Dead: March to War (Free), Disruptor Beam’s take on the popular IP, is out worldwide. The game started appearing in stores yesterday, but it took a while to pop up globally. This multiplayer strategy game takes gameplay and art inspiration from The Walking Dead comic book and focuses on the events depicted in Volume 10 of the comic book and in the latest seasons of the TV show. Specifically, in March to War you set up your colony in the areas around Washington D.C. and northern Virginia, and you build alliances with other players so you can go to war against other players. There is a distinct focus on clashing with others while protecting your own base, and it does manage to bring the “humans are the worst monsters" kind of ideas to life. The art is really cool and is inspired by the comic books, and you’ll be dealing with all your favorite (and hated) characters from that universe, including Rick, Michonne, and, of course, Negan.

I’ve been playing the game for some time now, and it’s a fun take on both the IP and multiplayer games of this genre. The game makes good use of the universe’s famous characters by having them act as council members. These council members lead any raid or scavenging run outside the community, and you get to unlock more of them by collecting the right comic book pages. The games forces you to think twice before just going out and taking every other player out because sometimes an alliance is worth more than loot. If you don’t like these type of games, March to War probably won’t change your mind. But if you do enjoy multiplayer games of this nature and enjoy The Walking Dead universe, definitely try March to War.

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