Fresh Aquatic Puzzler ‘Swim Out’ Updated With a New Checkpoint System, Additional Content and More

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As the days grow darker and the chilly Autumn weather creeps ever closer, it leaves games such as Swim Out ($2.99) to provide a small bit of respite from the impending gloomy 2017 months. The game’s interesting combination of Hitman GO-esque puzzle solving with a swimming concept was quite literally refreshing, and we appreciated Swim Out’s variety and substantial length in our review earlier this month. However, Swim Out was not without its minor issues, most notably its relatively unforgiving nature in forcing the player to restart from the very beginning of a level if a mistake was made. In an attempt to alleviate this, developer Lozange Lab has today released their first content update for Swim Out, which includes a more forgiving checkpoint system as well as some neat additional content to try out.

It may seem like a minor addition to the game, but the aforementioned checkpoint feature in Swim Out’s latest update is extremely welcome, and fixes my main concern with the title. Because of the length of the later levels, being able to restart from the last pool saves a lot of the tedious retracing of steps that the previous system necessitated, which means your time is more focused than ever on pure puzzle solving. An additional level has also been included, a new secondary objective has been added to Level VI-12, and the requisite tweaks and bug fixes you’d expect from a new update are all present. Considering it has been less than a month since the game’s release, I’m impressed with the support the developers have given Swim Out thus far. Here’s hoping they can pool together (sorry!) their resources and create even more content for the game over the coming months – dive into our Swim Out forum thread for more information and future announcements.

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