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Adventure Game ‘Thimbleweed Park’ Coming to Mobile Soon

Point-and-click adventure game Thimbleweed Park released on desktop last March and has racked up an impressive “overwhelmingly positive" reputation on Steam. The game focuses on a murder investigation in the strange town of Thimbleweed Park and follows FBI agents Ray and Reyes as they talk to a number of persons of interest and try to piece together what happened. The game has also launched on consoles, with the Xbox One version arriving alongside the desktop version back in March, a PS4 version rolling out tomorrow, and a Nintendo Switch version likely coming in September. Why are we mentioning it here on TouchAracade? Ron Gilbert, one of the developers of the game, tweeted earlier today that we should see mobile versions of the game very soon…

That makes it seem pretty imminent, doesn’t it? Point-and-click gameplay screams iPad, and there’s no surprise that Thimbleweed Park will be making the conversion. Are you looking forward to this one coming to mobile? We’ll keep you posted on an exact release date once it becomes known. In the meantime, check out the Thimbleweed Park launch trailer below if you haven’t seen it already.