32-Bit Games ‘Plants Vs Zombies’, ‘Peggle Classic’, and ‘Solitaire Blitz’ Are Gone From the App Store

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The 32-bit scythe has claimed 3 more games today, PopCap’s Solitaire Blitz, Peggle Classic, and the paid version of Plants vs Zombies. PopCap just announced that it will remove those three games from the App Store and Google Play today, but the games are already gone (at least from the App Store). So, if you were hoping to grab them before they disappear, you’re out of luck. The announcement reminds players that they can still play the free version of Plants vs Zombies (Free), Plants vs Zombies 2, and Bejeweled Blitz. If you’ve downloaded the games in the past, you can still download them from your purchase history, but we’re not sure if that will still be the case once you update to iOS 11.

I suppose it make sense of a company not to put the effort and resources into updating apps that already have replacements for, but it’s still a bit sad to see games leave the App Store for good. And if you’re the kind of player who doesn’t enjoy free versions of games, you’re definitely not going to be happy about the premium version of PvZ leaving the store. We’ll keep you updated when and if more games depart to the land of 32-bit apps.

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