The Upper Reaches Missions of ‘Hearthstone’ ‘Knights of the Frozen Throne’ Are Live

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Blizzard has turned the key and unlocked Hearthstone‘s (Free) Knights of the Frozen Throne second wing, and it’s ready for all adventurers to come and take it on. The Upper Reaches wing is available for free (provided you’ve defeated the Missions from Week 1), and there are three bosses waiting for you: Blood Queen Lana’thel, Professor Putricide, and Sindragosa. The first boss turns you into a Vampire, which is pretty cool but comes with a catch: your Hero Power turns into Vampiric Bite that gives a non-Vampire minion +2/+2, but if you don’t use it on a turn, you die. So, you should have plenty of cheap minions on the board at all times so you can bite away and stay alive.

Professor Putricide will see your opponent going through different Hero Powers (which you can see here), and he plays quite a lot of secrets from different classes, so bring Eater of Secrets along to take care of some of them. And keep in mind that when Putricide shifts to the third phase, he brings Rotface along (which summons a random Legendary minion everyone time it survives damage), so be prepared for that.

Sindragosa, the last boss, is a chilly one (sorry, couldn’t resist) since it turns all your minions into blocks of ice. Its hero power changes just like Putricide’s, so be prepared for that. You can head on over here for hints on how to win this encounter. Once you clear all three of the bosses, you’ll get one free Frozen Throne pack. Next week, get ready for the third and final wing of Knights of the Frozen Throne.

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