‘Minecraft’ Marketplace Gets Monster Battles, Dinosaurs, and Subs

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Minecraft‘s ($6.99) Marketplace continues to grow month after month, and today it got some fun maps and survival spawns. The first one is a Monster Battle Arena, which turns you into a crazy scientist experimenting on poor mobs. Specifically, this map gives you a nicely constructed arena with a ton of mobs stored in its lower levels and a ton of levers ready for you to start pulling. This map allows you to play out the “who would win" kind of scenarios by allowing you to have mobs fight each other. You can have zombies and witches fight it out, or spiders versus zombie pigmen, and so on. And if you don’t want to just sit and watch, you can use this arena to test your skills against waves of different enemies. There are also two survival spawns for you to try out, one that’s a stranded sub and one that’s a post-meteorite impact crater.

Finally, there’s another map for you to try out called Dinosaur Island, This map is all about dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. You can tame triceratops, escape raptors Jurassic Park style, and figure out the secret behind these dinosaurs come to life. You can purchase these maps and spawn points from the in-game Marketplace right now. I’m probably going to try a couple of these because they sound like fun times.

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