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Future Game of the Year ‘Unicycle Hero’ Marries Track and Field Events with Unicycling

It’s 2017, why are we still using our legs and arms for things like running, jumping, and throwing? Limbs are an outdated technology, and while the world around us advances at an incredible pace here we are using our regular old limbs like Neanderthals. Luckily developer Unept, creator of such fine mobile games as Level With Me (Free), Hue Ball (Free), and Lava Bird (Free), is taking that first big step towards the future with his forthcoming game Unicycle Hero. Here you will compete in Olympic-style events using the highly advanced technology of unicycles. These creates an opportunity for truly superhuman athletic feats like seeing how far you can flip a table.

Yes. YES. This is how you truly test the limits of human ability. Everyone knows that the next step of human evolution is having unicycles equipped where our legs used to be, so why not get the party started early. That inspiring animated .gif above is just one of many you can find on Unept’s Twitter feed, and a proper trailer is also in the works. For now though just bask in the glory of these short teasers for Unicycle Hero and look for the game to launch either later this month or in early September.