‘Strike Team Hydra,’ the Tactical RPG from the Maker of the Demon’s Rise Games, is Out Now

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Wave Light Games, the indie developer behind fantasy tactical RPGs Demon’s Rise ($7.99) and Demon’s Rise 2 ($7.99), has a new game available in the App Store. Strike Team Hydra ($7.99) is inspired by XCOM and, as such, brings a similar tactical feel to outer space. You’ll build a crew of six space marines, selected from eleven intriguingly varied options, each with their own strengths and special attacks and abilities. Wave Light Games titles are known for their diverse character options and always leave me stuck on the character selection screen agonizing between a bunch of awesome options, and Strike Team Hydra was no different.

Your superstar team is summoned to respond to a distress signal from a disabled battleship, the lone vessel to survive an encounter with an alien fleet. As you might guess, it’s far from a run-of-the-mill operation and the team is put to the test against dangerous foes.

Gameplay has its similarities and differences from the Demon’s Rise games. Combat remains highly tactical and realistic. Terrain is still a factor, as is the morale system that shows what a character is made of when push comes to shove. The XCOM influence is obvious in the greater reliance on action points for movement and attacks.

If you’re a fan of tactical RPGs you generally can’t go wrong with any Wave Light Game. It’s great to see this move to a sci-fi theme for something a little different. More games like XCOM are always welcome on the App Store as well, from my perspective. Give the game a look and swing by our forums where the developer is very active in chatting with players.

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