‘Carmageddon: Crashers’ is Like ‘CSR Racing’ but for People Who Like to Crash

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The CSR Racing series pretty much has the single-tap drag racing corner of the App Store on lock, but they’ve definitely inspired some similar games in their wake. The lovely folks at Stainless Games wanted to get in on that action too but add some of the grit and attitude that they’re known for from their beloved classic Carmageddon (Free). That is exactly what Carmageddon: Crashers (Free) is. Soft-launched a couple of months back and officially released as of today, Carmageddon: Crashers takes the exact same approach as CSR of feathering the gas pedal to get a hot start and hitting the gear shift at the exact right moments to build up speed, except you aren’t racing alongside another car but you’re actually driving right at each other in a deadly game of chicken. Check it out in action in the official trailer.

While I never could get into the CSR Racing games myself, I could totally see the appeal. It tests your concentration and reaction ability with a super simple one-touch control scheme, and the gorgeous graphics and engaging upgrade loop are enough to keep you coming back over and over. Carmageddon: Crashers nails those aspects too, but there’s something much more satisfying to me seeing some of my favorite Carmageddon characters and vehicles explode into each other at the end of each race. SO much cooler than just crossing a boring finish line. Be warned though that this game is free to play’d out the wazoo, so expect everything that comes with that. That said, if you enjoy these types of games that you can pick up and poke around in for a few minutes at a time throughout your day, but you wanted one that had more of an edge, check out Carmageddon: Crashers for free and drop by the forum thread to leave your thoughts.

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