‘Clash of Clans’ Five Year Anniversary Comes With Special Surprises and Some Crazy Stats

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For the last five years, Clash of Clans (Free) has pretty much become synonymous with top grossing mobile games and a name recognized by most gamers, even those not that big on mobile games. This month, Supercell’s behemoth is celebrating its fifth anniversary, so expect to see all kinds of surprises, both in-game but also in real life as well. The game’s subreddit is also celebrating the anniversary with all kinds of posts, ranging from art, funny videos, and a running list of the best and worst changes players have seen in these last five years.

Supercell also posted some crazy stats that show how big this game is and how many people play it. In five years players have destroyed 100 billion Town Halls, 566 billion Archer Towers, and 4.7 trillion Walls. That destruction led to 44 billion three-star victories and, of course, to 1.9 trillion hours of rebuilding from all that destruction. How long have you been playing Clash of Clans?


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