‘Pokemon GO’ Postpones European Safari Zone Events, Will Make it Up With Pokemon Sightings

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Niantic got quite a bit of negative publicity after the disastrous Pokemon GO (Free) event in Chicago a week and a bit ago, and it looks like it wants to avoid a repeat of that. So, it announced today that the August 5th and 12th events in Europe will be postponed until a date later this Fall in order to guarantee the best possible gameplay experience. The August 5th events were to take place in Copenhagen and Prague, and the August 12th ones in Stockholm and Amsterdam. The events on August 14th and September 16th remain unaffected, so if you were planning on attending those, you should be good. Niantic (of course) apologizes for postponing these events and directs player questions to its help center. And no compensation will be offered to those who have already made arrangements.

To make up for canceling the events, Niantic will ensure that some Pokemon rarely seen in Europe will be appearing in certain European cities soon. Although the announcement doesn’t reveal which cities, I’m pretty sure those affected by the postponement will see some of those Pokemon. Were you planning on attending any of the cancelled events?

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