‘Cannon Cart’ Has Invaded ‘Clash Royale’, You Can Unlock It in a 2v2 Challenge

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Clash Royale (Free) got another card today, the Cannon Cart, although you’ll have to play the 2v2 Draft Challenge if you want to get your hands on it early. If you don’t get it in the Challenge, you’ll have to wait another week before being able to get your hands on it. Cannon Cart is unlocked in Arena 10 and costs 5 Elixir to deploy. As you would expect, Cannon Cart is a single-target troop with medium range, since it’s pretty much a cannon on wheels. Once it loses half of its health, the cart breaks and you have a stationary cannon. Once it’s on the ground, it sticks around for 20 seconds just like a building. Therefore, remember that the Cannon Cart isn’t considered a building until the cart breaks, so it won’t be attracting the attention of units like Giants.

You can get the Cannon Cart early in the 2v2 Draft Challenge, but even a short visit at the Clash Royale subreddit will show you how mad the community is about this challenge. There’s a variety of trolling teammates that mess with you rather than the opponent and many others who just quit and let you die a not-so-glorious death. So, go play it at your own risk.

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