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ARKit Will Make Nitrome’s ‘Flat Pack’ Even More Fun to Play

I’ve been very impressed with how developers have been using Apple’s ARKit, especially given how it’s still in beta and missing the flagship iPhone 8’s AR capabilities. We’ve seen Minecraft in AR, and today Nitrome, of Drop Wizard Tower, posted a short video of an AR mode in its upcoming Flat Pack game (which we wrote about back in February), and it looks pretty cool. As you can see from the video, the game is played on a 3D surface hovering over a living room table, and it looks really fun. Flat Pack is designed to be a 3D game played out on the surface of a 3D object, so it works great in AR.

While AR might not be the ideal way to play Flat Pack in terms of breaking records or advancing through levels, I’m sure it will be really fun to show off to others and is a sign of things to come as the technology matures and the developers figure out the best ways to use it. Are you as excited as I am about ARKit, or are you weary of tech gimmicks?