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‘ROME: Total War – Alexander’ Arriving on iPad Next Thursday, July 27th

Last November Feral Interactive made a lot of fans happy when they brought their critically-acclaimed PC strategy game Rome: Total War ($9.99) to the iPad. Strategy gamers had been asking for a mobile port for quite some time, and their iPad version delivered the goods. Of course, Rome: Total War on PC has received some meaty expansions since the original game’s release in 2004, and since the original game was now on iPad the next question strategy gamers had was would those expansions follow? If you give a mouse a cookie and all that. Well, Feral delivered there too when they released Rome: Total War – Barbarian Invasion ($4.99) as a standalone app for the iPad at the end of March. With that out of the way, you can probably guess what happened next. Yes, fans were now hoping that the second expansion, Rome: Total War – Alexander would be coming to the iPad too, and earlier this month Feral confirmed that it indeed was. Today they’ve gone one step further and stamped an official release date on the expansion, and it’s set to arrive next Thursday, July 27th.

When it launches, Rome: Total War – Alexander will be available for just $4.99, the same price as the Barbarian Invasion expansion. It will require at least iOS 10.2 or newer, and a first generation iPad Air or newer, an iPad mini 2 or newer, or any iPad Pro, and about 4GB of free space to install. As it’s a standalone release, it does not require that you own the Rome: Total War base game or the Barbarian Invasion expansion in order to play it. I’m really digging these high-end releases from Feral Interactive, and I’m very impatiently waiting for their mobile version of GRID Autosport, and about the only thing I can wish for now is that Feral performs some sort of magic ceremony that allows them to squeeze these Rome games down to fit on an iPhone. Perhaps one day, but for now iPad gamers can look forward to Rome: Total War – Alexander in about a week’s time.