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New ‘Cat Quest’ Video Shows Off Overworld Exploration Ahead of the Game’s August 10th Release

Are you finding yourself impatiently waiting for the release of Cat Quest? Well I don’t blame you, as we’ve been covering the game for over a year and the prospect of an open-world RPG featuring playable cat characters is almost too much for me to handle. Thankfully we learned a couple of weeks ago that Cat Quest is on course for an August 10th release, but what the heck are we supposed to do in the meantime? Developer The Gentlebros has us covered with a brand new teaser video of Cat Quest released today that shows off what it’s like to roam around the overworld in the game. Check it out.

It really is remarkable the amount of progress that’s been made in Cat Quest in the past year. It’s always looked charming and colorful, but in these past few months it really feels like they’ve cranked the polish up to 11 in the game. Furthermore, Cat Quest will be a fully premium title with no IAP at launch, though The Gentlebros have mentioned that if fans request additional content that IAP may be added in the future. August 10th can’t come soon enough, and if you’re REALLY impatient with the release of Cat Quest you can also pick it up a couple of days sooner on August 8th when the game launches on Steam.