‘Elder Scrolls: Legends’ Twitch Drops Are a Great Way to Save Money

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A few weeks back, Elder Scrolls: Legends (Free) announced it would be doing “Twitch Drops," free content offered to players who link their Bethesda account with Twitch and then watch streams. Initially, the announcement didn’t draw a lot of attention, but from what I’ve been hearing from players, this new way of promoting the game has been quite effective since everyone likes free stuff, and watching a stream (even on mute) beats grinding to get enough gold to buy packs. The drops at the moment are 600 gold (which get you 6 packs at 100 gold each), a random legendary card, or enough soul gems (the equivalent of Hearthstone‘s dust) to craft a legendary. In other words, these drops are nothing to look down upon and are definitely not cosmetic things.

Developers are increasingly utilizing Twitch Drops to promote their games, and I can see it continue to grow. If you’re a free-to-play Elder Scrolls: Legends player, you should definitely be looking at getting some Drops to boost your collection. Hop over here to learn how to link your Twitch and Bethesda accounts and get those goodies. What do you think of Twitch Drops?

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