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‘Cat Quest’ Release Date Announced, Pouncing Onto the App Store on August 10th

If you’ve been following TouchArcade as of late, you’ll have likely seen me wax lyrical over Cat Quest consistently for the past few months, and for good reason. While it’s true that any game merely featuring God’s feline gift to earth is enough to pique my interest, Cat Quest goes above and beyond its beautifully cute exterior with some incredibly enticing adventure gameplay that draws hyperbolic comparisons to gaming classics such as Zelda II and Crashlands ($6.99). While we’ve known that Cat Quest was to launch in the vague ballpark of ‘August’ for some time, the developers have finally announced a solid release date for the title, as it is set to enrich the App Store on August 10th.

Despite its brief fifteen second run time, the teaser trailer that revealed the release date for Cat Quest does show a few exciting details on the game’s plot. In some ominously brooding waters, what we can assume is the protagonist of Cat Quest is seeing crying out “Sister!" as another female counterpart is taken by a mysterious cloaked figure with horns and piercing yellow eyes. This enemy (which I’d guess to be of the same species underneath the typical villain attire) then summons forth a pillar of light that destroys the male cat’s boat and leaves him stranded Titanic-style in the murky seas. This likely serves as the prologue to what Gentlebros Games have punnily dubbed your ‘catventure’ in the game, and I’m incredibly excited to see how the story unravels when the game does release on August 10th for iOS (or August 8th on Steam if you’d prefer a less portable experience). Until then, take a look at our previous coverage of Cat Quest for more details, and swing by our forum thread for more discussion on this highly anticipated adventure title.