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‘Meteorfall’ Is an Upcoming Roguelike Deck Builder in the ‘Dream Quest’ and ‘Card Crawl’ Vein

I love card games on my iOS devices (and I may be playing way too many of them at the same time), and the upcoming Meteorfall looks like just the kind of card game I could get into. In this roguelike deck builder, as its developer describes it in our Upcoming Games forum thread, you pick a character, each with its own basic deck, and then visit different locations to take out all kinds of monsters. As you kill monsters, you earn new cards, which you then use to customize your deck with an eye towards card synergies.

The developer’s main inspirations are games like Dream Quest as well as Card Crawl and Card Thief, so you can see how this game should play. The art has a touch of Adventure Time style, which is definitely not a bad thing. The game should be coming out around Q4 2017, and it will be a premium game. Check out more about Meteorfall in our Upcoming Games forum.