Choose Your ‘Hearthstone’ Champion and Get Free Packs

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It’s time for another Hearthstone (Free) “Choose Your Champion," so get ready to pick a pro and earn some card packs. The HCT Spring Championship is just around the corner now, and you can pick one of the 16 competitors and get card pack rewards depending on how well they do. This is one of the easiest ways to get at least one pack, and if you pick wisely, you might even get four packs. The HCT Spring Championship has players from around the globe fighting for their share of the $250,000 as well as a place at the Hearthstone World Championship. There are four groups of four players, and the Championship will use a dual-tournament format until eight remain, and then it will switch to a single-elimination bracket.

If you want to pick a champion, go to this page before tomorrow, July 4th, log in, and then pick a champion. Keep in mind that once you pick a champion, you can’t unpick, so do it wisely. From there one, all you can do is watch the tournament and see what your player does. You won’t get your packs immediately, so remember to have a bit of patience.

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