‘Clash Royale’ Summer of 2v2 Is Here, 2v2 Challenge Is On Today

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Clash Royale‘s (Free) Summer of 2v2 is here everyone, even though we aren’t in July yet. Still, the first 2v2 Challenge has started today, so get ready to play with a random person because, as Supercell has stated, the game doesn’t have the UI necessary to allow for you to play 2v2 with a friend of Clanmate. And, as you would expect, reddit is full of people complaining about the random part of the challenge. Tomorrow, we will officially have the 2v2 Quick Match available for the whole month.

In addition to that, we’ll have a 2v2 Draft Challenge on July 7th, a 2v2 Overtime Challenge July 14th, a 2v2 Double Elixir Draft Challenge July 21st, and a 2v2 Special Event July 28th. Enjoy your 2v2 matches.

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