‘OK Golf’ Has Been Updated With Apple TV Support and a Damp and Drizzly England Course

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If Okidokico Entertainment had released their latest update for OK Golf ($3.99) a mere week earlier during what was apparently England’s ‘longest heat wave ever’ (which lasted a prolonged and arduous five days), their dismal and damp new Oakford Woods course would feel somewhat out of place. However, just in time for OK Golf’s 1.4 patch, the sun promptly disappeared from our isles and was replaced with incessant rain. Don’t you just love Britain, eh? Obligatory weather ranting aside, the latest update for OK Golf is a big one for fans of the stunning iPhone golfing simulator, as the aforementioned England course has been added alongside Apple TV support, all for no additional cost. Following some solid improvements since its initial release at the start of the year, OK Golf has grown from a beautiful yet flawed title to one that presents a really distinct perspective on the sport, and is more essential than ever now this new update has finally launched on the App Store.

Even though our original review of OK Golf pointed out a number of flaws, it’s been impressive to see how active the developers have been on our forum thread to address the issues that many of the mobile gaming community have raised. Multiplayer support and constant free courses have been some major additions, and the oft-requested Apple TV support will be extremely welcome for any fans wanting to display OK Golf’s stunning aesthetic design on the big screen. For me personally, the addition of an England course is a really nice touch, and I’m excited to see how Okidokico continue to improve the title in the coming months. Download the latest update for OK Golf from the App Store now, and if there’s anything you’d like to see in the game, be sure to swing down to our forum thread for more discussion and suggestions on this standout iOS golfing title.

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