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‘Darkest Dungeon’ iOS Release Chance “Extremely High”

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The PC game Darkest Dungeon is a fantastic roguelike RPG that’s been very successful, and it looks like we’re very close to getting it on our tablets. Back in 2016, we wrote a story about a blog post from the Darkest Dungeon‘s developers where they announced they were considering bringing the game to tablets, but we haven’t heard much till then, until today that is. The developers just finished a Reddit AMA in celebration of the game’s DLC, Crimson Court, and stated that the chance of a tablet release is “extremely high," which is great news to me and, possible, many of you. No other details on a tablet release were discussed—and no references to phones either—but it does look like we’re getting the game after all.

If you haven’t heard about the game yet, this roguelike RPG highlights the psychological stresses that come with adventuring as your band of heroes gradually suffer from stress and even madness. They can get paranoid, greedy, angry, and even hopeless, and those mental states have direct effects on gameplay. Add to that the fantastic art, and you can see why I really want to get it on my tablet. We’ll let you know once we have more information.

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